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产品名称: whatman polycap as囊式滤器
产品型号: 6705-3602 6705-3604 6705-3610 6708-3602 6708-3604
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whatman polycap as囊式滤器6705-3602 6705-3604 6705-3610 6708-3602 6708-3604 6709-3602

whatman polycap as囊式滤器的详细介绍

whatman polycap as囊式滤器6705-3602 6705-3604 6705-3610 6708-3602 6708-3604 6709-3602

polycap™ as (aqueous solution) is a unique product recommended for filtering aqueous solutions. it combines a glass microfiber (gmf) prefilter and a nylon membrane, prolonging the life of the filter and allowing larger volumes and difficult samples to be filtered easily.

features and benefits
  • first layer (gmf) acts as a prefilter to ensure longer membrane (0.2, 0.45 and 1.0 µm) life and higher filtration efficiency
  • nylon membrane layer is inherently hydrophilic, has low extractables, is biosafe and has excellent flow rates
  • ultra-clean containing no surfactant or mold release agents
  • housing thermally fused (no glues, adhesives or extraneous materials)
  • integrity-testable by bubble point, pressure decay or forward flow methods
  • provides highly effective filtration area in a small size
  • autoclavable; some presterilized with gamma irradiation
  • manufactured in clean room facilities under iso quality systems

  • admixtures
  • biologicals
  • buffers
  • cleaning/rinsing solutions
  • enzymes
  • extemporaneous solutions
  • immunologicals
  • irrigation solutions
  • nutrients
  • ophthalmic solutions
  • pharmaceutical solutions
  • reagent preparation
  • salt solutions
  • therapy solutions
  • tissue culture media
  • viral suspensions


technical properties - polycap as
housing polypropylene
vent on inlet
prefilter glass microfiber double laminated with polyolefin monofilament non-woven
membrane nylon
support system polypropylene
sealing heat-fused
maximum pressure 4.1 bar (60 psi)
endotoxin level l lal tested, ≤ 0.5 eu/ml
biosafety materials pass usp class vi
sterilization certain filter devices have been sterilized.
* capsules may be autoclaved at 121°c for 20 minutes (maximum 132°c). however, an integrity test should be performed after autoclaving. filling bell is not autoaclavable but is detachable (*sterile and nonsterile options offered)
filtration area 36 mm capsule: 400 cm2 (62 in2)
75 mm capsule: 820 cm2 (127 in2)
150 mm capsule: 1650 cm2 (256 in2)
ipa bubble point  0.2 µm membrane: >  1.1 bar (16 psi)
0.45 µm membrane: > 0.69 bar (10 psi)
1.0 µm membrane: >  0.14 bar (3 psi)
ssb - stepped barb for 6 to 10 mm (1/4 to 3/8") tubing
1/2 sb - stepped barb for 10 to 12 mm (3/8 to 1/2") tubing
mnpt - male national pipe thread
fnpt - female national pipe thread
hb - hose barb


ordering information - polycap as
catalog number description
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